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Get Started

$ add

The Add command allows you to store your updated content and its details in a stash file. This stash file is what's used when pushing assets into your SFMC instance.

Subsequent adds of the same file will update content in the stash file.

Add Single Files

Note: Your terminal should be able to complete the file path by pressing Tab. Spaces also must be escaped by placing a \ before the space.

$ bldr add Content\ Builder/preference_center/modules/hero_subscribed

Staged Files          
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v1/welcome_email_1 

Add all files in a folder

$ bldr add .

Staged Files          
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v1/welcome_email_1
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v1/welcome_coupon 
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v1/welcome_coupon_reminder 
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v1/welcome_last_chance                                             
Content Builder/brandy_welcome_emails/journey_v2/welcome_account_setup  

Adding Newly Created Files

Similar to the init command, bldr has the ability to create new files on the fly during any stage in the project. In addition to files, new folders (single or nested) can be created.

During the add command, if no file is found in the .local.manifest.json file, you will be asked to select an asset type for the new file. Once selected, it will be added to the stash.

The following asset types can be created:

  • codesnippetblock
  • htmlemail
  • htmlblock