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Get Started

$ clone

Cloning for folders and assets requires the use of a context flag along with the ID of the folder/asset you are cloning.

--cb -fContent Builder Folder ID to Clone
--cb -aContent Builder Asset ID to Clone
--as -fAutomation Folder ID to Clone
--as -aAutomation Object ID to Clone
--as -f:sqlSQL Activity Folders
--as -a:sqlSQL Activity Assets
--as -f:ssjsSSJS Activity Folders
--as -a:ssjsSSJS Activity Assets
--de -fData Extension Folder Id to Clone
--de -aData Extension Customer Key to Clone

Cloning Folders

When cloning from a folder ID, BLDR will identify all nested sub-folders under the root ID. All folders and their assets will be gathered and created locally and added to the .local.manifest.json file.

$ bldr clone --cb -f 93839
Starting Clone
created [local]: Welcome Email 1
created [local]: Welcome Email 2
created [local]: welcome_hero_module_1
created [local]: coupon_module_1
created [local]: coupon_module_2
created [local]: Promotional Offer
created [local]: Winback Email 1 

Folder and File Output

|-- Welcome Program Assets (git repository)
|---- Content Builder
|   |---- Welcome Emails 
|   |   |---- welcome_v1
|   |   |   |---- Welcome Email 1.html
|   |   |   |---- Promotional Offer.html
|   |   |   |---- coupon_module_1.html
|   |   |---- welcome_v2
|   |   |   |---- Welcome Email 2.html
|   |   |   |---- Winback Email 2.html
|   |   |   |---- coupon_module_2.html
|   |   |   |---- welcome_hero_module_1.html
|---- .local.manifest.json

Cloning Automation Assets

When cloning a specific asset, for example an automation, BLDR will start with the automation itself and work its way through all activities within it. In the example below, the automation Welcome Automation Process has: two SQL Queries, a Data Extension Extract, and an Email Send.

When cloning an automation that has Email Sends, BLDR will pull both the user-initiated shell as well as the Content Builder email itself.

$ bldr clone --as -a 7e626e82-0831-4ade-9b24-2d2a6c8a7deb

created: Welcome Automation Process
created: init_welcome_audience
created: welcome_suppression_purchase
created: extract_analytics_data_extension
created: Welcome Email 1.html

Folder and File Output

|-- Welcome Program Processing (git repository)
|---- Automation Studio
|   |---- my automations 
|   |   |---- Welcome Automation Process.json
|   |---- Query 
|   |   |---- init_welcome_audience.sql
|   |   |---- welcome_suppression_purchase.sql
|   |---- Extracts 
|   |   |---- extract_analytics_data_extension.json
|   |---- User-Initiated 
|   |   |---- Welcome Email 1.html.json
|---- Content Builder
|   |---- Welcome Emails 
|   |   |---- welcome_v1
|   |   |   |---- Welcome Email 1.html
|---- .local.manifest.json

Asset Support

All files that are fully supported will be created as either a .html, .sql, or .js file. Files that are partially supported will be created as a .json file.

For full details, see Contexts