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Get Started

$ package [beta]

In addition to being a development tool, BLDR provides a way for you to migrate and share your code with your team or within the SFMC community.

With the bldr package command, bldr will take the following actions:

  1. Slim down your .local.manifest.json file by removing the asset details that are not needed to create your assets elsewhere
  2. If you have a .sfmc.env.json file, bldr will run the process to update your configuration keys
  3. Scan all files to locate dependencies within HTML, AMPscript, and SSJS
  4. Grab all dependencies as needed and replace their spot in your file with the generated bldrIds
  5. Creates your .package.manifest.json file

Once created, your .package.manifest.json file can be committed to your public GitHub repository to be distributed.

It's recommended that along with your package file, you create a for the repository with any installation instructions or documentation for the project.

Supported assets

Currently, BLDR supports packaging files for Content Builder and Data Extensions. Extended support for packages will be in development and released in the near future.

Supported Content Builder assets are HTML Emails, HTML Blocks, and Codesnippet Content Blocks.


During the package command, bldr will attempt to find any dependencies in your files. Below is the current list of AMPScript/SSJS functions that will be picked up as dependencies:

Dependency support is a part of bldr that will be constently expanding, to request dependency support submit an issue to the bldr-sfmc-sdk repository.

Data Extensions

  • Lookup
  • LookupOrderedRows
  • LookupOrderedRowsCS
  • LookupRows
  • LookupRowsCS
  • DataExtensionRowCount
  • DeleteData
  • DeleteDE
  • InsertDE
  • UpdateData
  • UpdateDE
  • UpsertData
  • UpsertDE
  • ClaimRow

Content Blocks

  • ContentBlockById
  • ContentBlockByName