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Get Started

$ Push

The Push command allows you to take the files that have been added to the stash and create or update them in your targeted SFMC isntance. Once files have been created or updated in SFMC, the contents of the file will be updated in the .local.manifest.json file for that entry.

  $ bldr push
  Working on contentBuilder
  Creating assets for BrandyMKTG
  Welcome_v2 has been created; CategoryId: 119591
  >> 1 folders created
  Successfully Updated Assets
  journey_v1 welcome_email_1           
  journey_v1 welcome_coupon          
  journey_v1 welcome_coupon_reminder       
  journey_v1 welcome_last_chance  
  >> 5 Assets Updated
  Successfully Created Assets
  >> 1 Assets Created

Creating New Folders

During the push commands processing, any files that do not currently exist in SFMC will have some additional steps taken prior to being created in SFMC.

BLDR will look through the file path of the asset and look for a folder in the .local.manifest.json file. If a folder is not found it will be created accordingly in SFMC for that context.

Once created, it will be added to the .local.manifest.json file.